Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poetic Hydraulics

It’s been an interesting week. Finally broke through my second plateau and dropped my tenth pound in what is now day 39. I’m still on my quarter pound a day track (sounds like a McDonald’s commercial, doesn’t it?). Actually lost the tenth pound two days ago but my wife was indisposed (bladder problems) so no date that night, and I was on a business trip for two days and just returned. Didn’t gain anything on the business trip, but didn’t lose any weight either. Hopefully, tonight is a date night - but you never know.
I have been wearing the CB-6000 on a regular basis. As mentioned in a previous post, I wear the regular tube at night with the largest ring and spacer; and the shorty tube during the day with the medium ring and second largest spacer. It’s been pretty close to 24/7, just taking it off to shower while changing the equipment from night gear to day gear. It’s been very comfortable - no rashes or abrasions as others have described. I use a thick, water based lubricant, Maxx, on the shaft and head and the front of the scrotum where the tube presses (particularly the shorty tube), and use a skin cream moisturizer around the entire circumference of my genitals after shaving (I keep about three quarters of an inch clean shaven all the way around). It seems to be working.
The night time erections are kind of interesting - “full bladder woodies,” I’d call them; the entire penis gets fiercely hard and tries its best to erect, succeeding at least partially. The head presses so hard against the end of the tube that part of it protrudes through the slit. Meanwhile, the erecting penis pushes the tube outward from the body with all of the force that my blood pressure can muster. As the tube is attached to the ring around my shaft and balls, it pulls the whole package out from my body, applying considerable pressure to my balls. It is this pressure that often wakes me up at about 4 A.M..
I usually try to mentally defuse the erection, thinking of something non-sexual, multiplication tables, the latest basketball scores, anything. It doesn’t work. Although I can almost always defuse an erection when stimulated by sexual thoughts or stimuli, the full bladder woodie seems to have a life of its own - more hard wired physically and not subject to mental manipulation. Even though I’m wearing the largest ring, which is two sizes larger than the one that fits me during the day, it is absolutely filled without room for even the tip of my pinkie to fit. Not only is my scrotum filling the ring, my balls trapped and fixed in place between the ring and tube plate, but the part of my shaft buried under the skin at the perineum is also fully engorged and pressing against the inside of the ring.
The engineer part of me marvels at the hydraulics at work and the way the CB-6000 is designed to harness that hydraulic power to discourage it. The design takes the pressure of an erection and applies it against the tender testicles trapped between two unyielding plastic plates. The poet part of me enjoys the irony that the power behind those hydraulics is my beating heart. It is my own heart that is pressuring my tender balls, holding them hostage until I get up and relieve my poor bladder.
Can’t wait for tonight’s date - if it happens. I’ll write about it in my next post.

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