Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sometimes Real Life Does Get in the Way

Sorry I have been away for so long. Sometimes real life does get in the way and there is nothing more "real life" than illness. I have been down with a pretty bad lung infection for about two months. It started innocently enough with a worse than usual cold that lasted two weeks. The last few days I developed a cough and chest congestion that didn't go away with the rest of the cold symptoms. Being a typical male, I ignored it and just pushed through it, working long hours for some new clients I wanted to impress. About three weeks after the chest congestion and coughing started, I was still hacking away. My wife suggested multiple times that I see a doctor but I put her off saying it was getting better and I didn't have time. To assuage her, I did start taking a Z-pack antibiotic that she always keeps to treat her frequent urinary tract infections. A week later, the Z-pack completed, I convinced myself that it was getting better. It wasn't. A few days later, I was having some difficulty breathing while lying down. My wife put her foot down (finally!) and just called my doctor the next morning and got me in for an afternoon appointment.
The results of my exam was a little startling to say the least. The doctor said I had a serious lung infection and that I was breathing on one and a half lungs. If I had waited any longer, the lung would have been knocked out completely. I had pneumonia. He started me on a round of antibiotics - the strongest available for a lung infection. I started to feel better after several days but it took the full ten day treatment before my lungs were clear. I am doing fine now.
I do wonder though whether I would have followed my wife's direction to see the doctor immediately if we hadn't been in a Wife Led Relationship - if the precedent for following her guidance was not already deeply embedded in me. I hate going to doctors and usually avoid them, confident that my good health and strong constitution will see me through. There was also the siren song of new clients - working to impress. Could I have gone another week or two without treatment? Maybe not. The doctor said I would have been on one lung and the infection would surely have spread further. I don't know. My wife, and our Wife Led Relationship, may well have saved my life.
For all of you men out there who are reluctant to see a doctor - listen to your wife! Go! Before it is too late. Sometimes you don't get a second chance to be mule headed and stupid.
For all of my readers - if you find this blog entry to be un-erotic, well it is. I didn't have much of a desire for sex while I was ill so wearing a chastity device seemed like waste of time. But I have recovered and my wife and I have started a new chastity adventure. In some ways, we have come full circle to the beginnings of our journey but wiser with three years of chastity play experience. I will write more about it in my next blog entry, which I promise will not be three months later. In the meantime, take a moment to take a deep breath, admire the beautiful curves of your wife or significant other, and appreciate the day and your life.


  1. Welcome back and I am glad to read you are feeling better.

  2. I hope your health will be ok soon. I am looking forward to your next entry.


  3. Tsememgb and appy - thanks for your good wishes. I am feeling well now and will be writing more soon.

  4. Just wanted to say that I miss checking in on your blog - your's has always been my favorite both b/c of the content and b/c I can see a lot of similarities (even down to me getting what sounds like an extremely similar lung infection when I typically never get sick - it was a tough one!). Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you have some fans out here.

  5. Hi!

    Just discovered your blog, and found the entry for Feb 2012 concerning your pneumonia. I work in the maritime industry as a medical practitioner aboard ships overseas. I had a crewmember who I treated with similar symptoms you described (nearly identical). Fortunately, I am in daily contact with my crewmembers, so I can follow up 2 to 3 times daily on the progress of my patients. Unfortunately, he tried the same thing you did (blow off seeing a doctor, PA or NP). Fortunately, I can hound him to see me for treatment. Your wife was correct....you need to see a physician anytime something lasts longer than 72 hours. No sense losing a fellow sub kinkster just for being stubborn! Take care, best of health to you and our fellow kinksters!

  6. Hi Kelmag,

    I hope you are still feeling well. I check your blog almost daily and wonder if you have become ill again. I hope that is not the case.

    Good wishes,

  7. You wrote «But I have recovered and my wife and I have started a new chastity adventure. In some ways, we have come full circle to the beginnings of our journey but wiser with three years of chastity play experience. I will write more about it in my next blog entry, which I promise will not be three months later.»
    True, it's over three months now! I hope you feel well. Your wrote nice things and it'd be nice just to know that you're alright. Regards.

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