Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Latest Adventures of Secret Chastity Husband

I have good news and bad news. The good news is I had sex with my wife six days ago and it was absolutely fabulous. I can't even describe the body-jerking, toe curling, spine tingling (literally!) orgasm I experienced. I have had five orgasms since I started this program 24 days ago, and the sex has gotten progressively better. My wife's orgasms have also improved as she is turned on by my passion and explosions. Before this, I usually had sex with my wife about twice a week, but I oragasmed at least once a day from masturbation. Maybe it's the physical build-up of semen, maybe it's the heightened anticipation - the edginess of going without, maybe it's knowing that my wife feels empowered by this (she told me this last week - it's a real turn on for her that I must battle every day with my horniness for her), maybe it's all those things, maybe it's something else entirely, but after almost twenty years of increasingly mundane, routine sex with my wife, it is now an earth-shattering experience that I eagerly seek and will do what I need to do to obtain it (i.e. hold to my diet and lose the pound needed).
Now the bad news, it had been six days since I last had sex with my wife and my weight has plateaued - I've lost only 0.6 lbs in those six days as it has see-sawed back and forth between no loss and the 0.6. Fortunately, I've had experience with diets before and know the body hits a "set point" after it's lost 4-5 lbs. and tries to hold onto the weight (remember homeostatis from high school biology), retaining water even as it burns fat to maintain overall body weight. Basically, it's trying to wait out (pardon the pun) the famine. The only thing that works is to stick to the diet and actually increase the protein levels of the diet to 40-50% from 30-40%. I've also pushed up my exercise intensity a little the last couple of days. In the past, my body gives up after a few days and suddenly drops a couple of lbs. over night (with lots of getting up to pee during the night). Hopefully, tonight will be that night.
I've been wearing the CB-6000 for at least several hours each day throughout the week - the first week of wearing it a lot each day. I can report amazingly few difficulties. I went out with it and did a couple of hours of routine errands while wearing it - grocery store, cleaners, gas station, Starbucks, hardware store, etc., and often I forgot I had it on. I was wearing baggy jeans, loose boxer shorts and an oversized tee-shirt so I was pretty confident that no bulge was visible. The only difficulty, and it was minor, was getting in and out of my car. Somehow, lifting my leg like that to climb in and out would put pressure on my balls which are trapped and held fast between the hard plastic of the ring and the cage base.
The other thing that took a while getting used to was having my dick pointing almost straight down; the natural position I carry it is ususally pointing out or slightly up and to the right (a right-hanger as a tailor would call it). It felt oddly out of place pointed down like that - it is psychologically, a very submissive position for it, at least to me and that gave me pleasure. I also derived considerable psychlogical pleasure from walking around, doing routine errands and having a secret under my pants that would certainly surprise and shock nearly everybody I met. I wondered what the young Starbucks gal taking my coffee order would think if she knew what I had hidden from her by the thin material of my pants.
One of the days I had it on for the afternoon, working at home, planning to take it off in a few minutes before my wife came home (she still does not know that I'm using a chastity device - please read my earlier posts for why), when I heard the click of the front door latch. She came home almost an hour early, completely surprising me. At first I panicked, but then realized that I was in the same baggy jeans and shorts and long t-shirt I wore when I went on my errands. Unless she touched me in the crotch, or pressed up against it with her body, she would never know I had it on. I was smiling inside as she came up and gave me the usual peck on the lips greeting me as I slipped my hand down between us to keep her from feeling the hard bulge of plastic in my crotch. She never suspected a thing and went off to shower and change for dinner. I continued to wear it for a couple of more hours, eating dinner with her, only taking it off before settling down on the couch to watch TV, since she sometimes curls up next to me and would surely feel it.
She went to bed about an hour earlier than me which is common on "non-date" nights. I decided to wear the CB-6000 that night for the first time. I thought there was minimal chance my wife woud feel it, she sleeps all the way on the far edge of our king-sized bed and likes her own space when she's sleeping. No spooning or cuddling for her; she is like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing - "This is my dance space, this is your dance space. You don't come into my space and I don't come into yours." She is very territorial when in bed if it's not a "date" night.
From what I read, I expected the device to be uncomfortable and that I would have difficulty sleeping. It wasn't uncomfortable at all - in fact I tried a number of different positions to see which ones would be uncomfortable and found only belly- down to be problematic - the downward pressure the cage puts on the shaft is increased in the belly-down position causing some discomfort from the pressure this puts on the tendons holding the shaft to the pubic area. Kind of like having your erection pushed down like the handle of a pump - not good. I think I helped the comfort of the device by using the largest ring (I normally use the middle ring) and the largest locking pin and spacer (I normally use the second largest). I got up several times during the night to pee and only had a problem once. In the dark, I could not see that I was half-erected (as erect as I could be in the cage) and my uretral opening was partially blocked making it difficult to pee and difficult to empty my bladder completely. In the dark, I thought I was done and stood up only to realize with my first step that standing up had freed the blocked urethral opening and more urine streamed out. I slipped on the small puddle with my first step and almost took a header. I caught myself and quickly cleaned up the mess. My wife is a heavy sleeper and never stirred. Lesson learned - pee with the light on. The folllwing morning, I rose first, removed the device and stored it away. She never suspected a thing.
On my next post I will write more about my wife's sexual habits, at least her preparations as it relates to why I can probably keep this thing secret indefinitely unless i am really careless or unlucky. Until next time . . .

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