Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Okay - now this was cruel and unusual punishment. I woke up early Sunday morning, weighed in and found my weight loss to be still two tenths of a pound short. I had lost only eight tenths of a pound instead of the required full pound since my last sex/release. It was now seven days, which is like an eternity for me who has been used to one or more releases every day.
I get a call an hour later from a buddy of mine who tells me he has a Chargers playoff ticket available to sell from the friend he attends games with who hurt his back. I jump on it and an hour and half later, I'm in the stadium parking lot with my buddy at a terrific tailgate party. A large grill is cooking bratwursts, sausages and dogs, and the tables are groaning with chips, dips, cookies and brownies and there are jugs of pre-mixed margueritas. And me, I'm dieting and two tenths of pound short of my goal to get relief. I know if I partake of the spread, It will be at least another week (or more!) before I've lost that damned pound.
This is where the power of chastity comes in. In previous diets, I would have partaken of the fare, mentally checking it off as a one day, off-diet day and promising myself to go back on it tomorrow. Not this time though. I wanted that sexual relief bad - my penis was in an almost constant state of arousal; it was fairly vibrating with excitement. I stayed on the diet. I passed up all the great food and munched on carrots and celery, and drank my unsweetened ice tea. Then I went in for the game; watched the Chargers fumble and stumble around for three hours and lose miserably to the Jets. Then, to allow the traffic to lighten, they set up the tailgate food again and for another hour and a half I sat and willed myself to pass on the spread, my tingling groin reminding me why.
The next morning, Monday, I weighed in and found I had lost those troublesome two tenths of a pound. It had taken me eight days, but I had finally lost the damned pound. I told my wife the news and she told me that I was doing great and tonight would be a "date" night. Yahoo - at last. I felt like a teenager getting ready to go parking on lover's lane with a high school hottie.
The day couldn't pass fast enough. Finally, evening came. She asked me to make her a drink while she showered. My wife is very fastidious about her hygiene, particularly for sex. She will shower, freshly shave her legs, buff nails, shampoo hair, powder and lotion her body, mouthwash and brush, etc. and she expects the same of me which I always do. Of course, unfortunately, this makes spontaneous sex just about impossible. All of our intimate encounters are scheduled "dates." In twenty years we have had perhaps a half-dozen "spur of the moment" flings and then only after she had had a lot to drink.
We watch a little TV together while we sip our drinks and cuddle a little - talk about how the day went. I gently stroke and massage her legs as we talk; she has on a short nightie shirt and a robe as we sit and talk. I think she senses that something is different tonight. She knows we haven't had sex in a while and it's tied to my diet but doesn't know that I have been using a chastity device, and doesn't know just how unusual it is for me to go that long without an orgasm.
The show ends and we head for the bedroom, hand in hand. I feel like I'm nineteen again, all aquiver with sexual excitement. I put some soft music on, strip and get into bed. My wife finishes primping a bit before removing her robe and turning off the light. My wife prefers sex in the dark which is really too bad because she has a beautiful body and I love looking at it. We've had sex in the daylight before, with shades tightly drawn to darken the room. But at night, the lights go out.
A little foreplay starts, her hands rubbing and massaging my thighs before working their way up to my groin; my hands mirroring hers until I find the neatly trimmed furrow of her pubic mound. As usual, she has already put lubricant in her pussy. She says she does this because in her stage of life (menopausal) she is drier than she used to be and must have a genrous amount of lube to be comfortable. I'm sure this is all true but I think she puts it on beforehand, instead of during foreplay to discourage oral sex. She is just too fastidious and self-conscious about her hygiene to be comfortable with oral sex. I've told her many times that I love what little musky aroma is present but no dice. The lube we use is silicon based and is absolutely awful to taste. The discouragement plan works.
I think she notices right away that I am more sensitive, more aroused than usual and she starts to delight in teasing me - stroking my cock and balls lightly before pulling her hand away. Meanwhile, in between sharp spasms of pleasure reacting to her touch, I am gently stroking her pussy, working my fingers up and down the slit, dipping in occasionally and then finding her clit and working my fingertips in gentle circles around it. She is responding to my increased passion with more passion of her own.
After about twenty minutes of this, with fingers in her pussy and my mouth on her nipples and the nape of her neck (her favorite spot), she climbs on top of me and starts teasing me again, drawing my rampant cock up and down across her clit and the lips of her pussy, both of us moaning loudly. I could cum at any time, but my many years of self-exploration have given me the ability to stop just short of orgasmic explosion and stay at that heighened arousal almost indefinitely.
Finally, she puts me in her and she begins riding me, drawing herself up and down instead of in and out, maximizing the pressure and friction on her clit. I match her movements, stroke for stroke, and we are in perfect harmony. I have never felt such intense pleasure without an orgasm before. It's like electricity, coursing through my shaft, then deep into my groin before hitting my spine and radiating upwards and outwards in all directions. We go on like this for what must have been ten minutes of so before she begins panting loudly, faster and faster; her hips jerking spasmodically.
I know that this is what she does just before she cums and I'm a little surprised but so turned on by it I can't even describe the feeling. Surprised, because my wife almost never orgasms from penetration and intercourse - her orgasms almost always come after I've cum (at her insistence) with a vibrator and the help of my fingers. I say amost never, because I can't even remember the last time she orgasmed while I was fucking her. I dimly recall her doing it a couple of times before we got married but who knows if those were real. This one was definitely real.
She goes off like a rocket, wildly jerking her hips as I grasp her breasts with my hands and massage her nipples with my finger tips. She's screaming and hissing in my ear, then crushing her lips to mine, her tongue halfway down my throat as she continues to spasm and jerk before finally collapsing on top of me. I keep up the strokes but slow them down; her "dryness" problem obviously a thing of the past as I slip and slide easily in and out of her. After a few minutes, she catches her breath and raises her slim torso back up and again and picks up the riding pace just about where she left off when she came.
I wanted to give her another orgasm. I wanted us to come together, so I reached back to the nighstand and picked up the Hitachi wand type vibrator, putting it on low and slipping in between our sweaty pubic mounds until I found the top of her slit. She jumped when it made contact, her clit still obviously very sensitive from her last orgasm. I moved it off to the side and let it vibrate in circles along her sensitive inner thighs; then moving it in large circles around her thighs and lower abdomen, avoiding her crotch, inching closer with a tease and then moving it away.
After several minutes of this, she reached around and started playing with my balls - a sure fire way to get me off. With knowing fingers, she found that sensitive patch under my balls, the perineum, and began massaging it. I thrust up violently in reaction, waves of pure pleasure bursting within me. She began laughing, teasing me with her fingers as I began thrusting rapidly in and out. I had just enough presence of mind to move the vibrator closer to her clit. My wife didn't wait for me to make contact, she guided my hand with the vibrator and then took it from me, finding her joy spot herself immediately. She bucked quickly once, twice, then several times rapidly as she began pantly loudly again, moaning in pleasure.
I knew the time was right and I let myself go, mentally picturing the head of my dick entering her tunnel through her swollen, shining pussy lips and then exploding in a shower of white jets. Just as I formed the image in my head, that last little tumble fell into place and I felt that exquisite last moment of burning, intense, indescribable pleasure before I erupted, bucking wildly. As soon as I violently, and compeltely impaled her, I felt her shudder and shake and then scream that she was cumming. Together, we bucked wildly, comletely lost in the waves of pleasure that kept washing over us. Finally she stopped and collaped on top of me. I was still stroking back and forth, slowly, squeezing every last drop of pleasure out of the orgasm.
We lay together, her on top of me, our sweat mingling, making her slippery on top of me, both of us gone, not unconscious, but not really conscious either. As we both stirred and recovered, she whispered in my ear - "I don't know what this diet and chastity thing is all about but whatever you're doing, keep it up. That was the best sex I've ever had." "Me too," I replied. "I can't even describe what I felt - it was so intense and it lasted so long."
In another a minute or so, she was up and takng a shower while I put the lube and vibrator away. It was, without a doubt, the best sex I've ever had. This chastity diet thing is like flipping a two headed coin. "Heads I win," if I make the pound lose quickly, in three or four days - then there is sex that night. "Heads I win," if I don't quite make the pound for some time - if I plateau like I did this time and it takes eight days, I get incredibly pleasurable sex and a thoroughly turned on wife. Either way, it's all good for me. And, apparently, for my wife too. I think this lovemaking session will make her more receptive to the parts of this program I've kept secret from her - the chastity device and the elimination of my masturbation habit. Maybe she won't think I'm some kinky nutcase after all. I think she's just glimpsed what's in it for her and it was a powerful vision indeed.
The next morning when we both remarked on how wonderful the previous night had been, she said that one of the things that really turned her on was the feeling of power over me - that she could give or withhold immense plesure at her whim. Indeed, indeed she could. Til the next post . . .

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