Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting Shorty

Jan. 22, 2010: It has been 30 days since I started this chastity routine. In my last post, I described the amazing sex I had with my wife four days ago. It was truly mind-shattering, for both of us. I feel like I've stumbled upon some kind of source of power and pleasure that I'd never even imagined before. My wife, who is as vanilla as they come, is starting to think about the possibilities of this. In addition to the fabulous sex, it is also affecting the rest of our relationship in a positive way. The last couple of weeks I found myself wanting to do things for her -meal preparation, shopping, laundry, anything to make her life easier. I also find myself wanting to be with her, in the same room, on the couch together. I also want to be touching her and do so at every opportunity, not in an overtly sexual way, but softly caressing her arms, massaging her shoulders, touching her face. And she has been responding to this new found attentiveness on my part with touches and caresses for me.
On the diet front, I have lost a pound since our last sexual encounter, but alas we are having guests stay for the weekend and my wife is not comfortable having sex with guests in the house. I've always said that we could have sex without anybody in the house hearing us. However, given how loudly vocal we were last time as we both gave voice to the most intense and long lasting pleaurable feelings either of us has had before, I have to conclude that this time she is right. The funny thing is - after experiencing that kind of sex after abstinence, I don't mind waiting, delaying, abstaining for a few days. I now know what's waiting for me at the end of the delay. On the total weight loss, after 30 days, I've lost 7.6 lbs, a rate that almost exactly matches the quarter pound per day I projected at the start of this.
As for the title of this post - "Getting Shorty," it refers to my purchase of a CB-6000s or "shorty" cage to complement the regular CB-6000 I've been using. After testing the regular CB-6000 for a couple of weeks, it became clear to me that although the device was comfortable and not readily detectable when I had on baggy jeans and an oversized, pull-over shirt, it was less comfortable in dress slacks or suit pants and it was definitely visible. Although some chastity bloggers have said "so what, so it bulges a little", I can't do that. My private life is my own - it is not for public display.
I had read some reviews of the CB-6000 "shorty" and was a little doubtful that I could fit into it. I generally measure about 31/2 to 4 inches when flaccid and the "shorty" description says it's 21/2 inches long. But I did notice that after wearing the regular CB-6000 for an hour or so, I seemed to shrink quite a bit. I guess my ancestors must have derived some evolutionary benefit from shrinking their dick when it was caught in a tight place because I seemed to have inherited the trait. When I measured myself after one of those "shrinkages," I found that I was less than 2 inches in length. So I ordered the shorty cage and gave it a try.
It arrived last week, and as I suspected, I could not put it directly on, I was too big. But after wearing the regular 6000 for an hour or so, I'd shrunk enough to allow me to swap out the shorty for the regular cage. It slipped on easily; easier than the regular cage when first putting it on.
The shorty has a much smaller profile, both because of its shorter length and its steeper downward angle. The regular cage points downward at an angle. The shorty points almost directly down, laying snuggly against the front-center of the ball sack. It is very comfortable with all types of slacks and has no visible bulge. From the outside, it feels like a small, athletic, protective cup. The only drawbacks with it I found are the steeper angle puts a little more pressure on the tendons that hold the penis to the pelvic wall - not painful, but definitely there; and it is much less forgiving of erections, or should I say attempted erections.
For me, attempting to erect in a shorty is both a futile and moderately painful activity. Futile in that the shorter length and steep downward angle make an erection impossible for me (unlike the regular 6000, where I can actually erect somewhat, although not fully.) and moderately painful as just the start of an erection immediately pulls on the encompassing ring, putting pressure on my balls which are trapped snuggly between the ring and cage, and separated by the underside of the cage. It feels like a hand closing around the ball sack and pulling on them like a weighted parachute harness. Fortunately, I did not naturally start to erect while in the shorty; in fact it kept my dick well insulated from stimulation. I tested what would happen with an erection by watching some porn. If you are looking for an anti-erection as well as an anti-orgasm device, then the shorty is for you.
Over the last two days, I have been testing a sort of rotation - using the regular CB-6000 at night (with a larger ring, pin and spacer than I normally use) and then switching to the regular sized ring, pin and spacer in the morning for an hour or so (to shrink me enough) before putting on the shorty cage with the regular ring/pin/spacer for the remainder of the day. It has worked very well. I have slept normally with it at night and gone about my normal, daily routine with the shorty on during the day.
So far, my wife has not detected the chastity device. If she does, I will tell her it's to help me to stay chaste both to motivate me for weight loss and to continue the great sex we are having. After another 30 days, I shuld be down to my goal weight. We will then talk about how we keep this great thing going, without weight loss as a prime motivation. I think that would be a good time to tell her about the chastity devices and how much they helped me during the diet and how I would like to continue using them afterwards. Til next time . . .

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