Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The CB-6000 Chastity Device

The CB-6000 is a fascinating device. As one of those old enough to remember Erector Sets, my first impression upon receiving it was this is the Anti-Erector Set. And, as it proved out from my testing, this initial impression was correct. The assembled device is pictured to the right under the title of the blog. It comes in a number of pieces, more than actually necessary for the assembled device because it gives sizing options (indeed, not all men are created equal). The clear material is polycarbonate and is a thick, stiff plastic. Basically, it comes with five different sized rings (actually, the rings only go about three quarter of the way around and is completed by two sections of plastic that complete it - the alignment pegs section and the overlay section. There are four different sized locking pins, each with its own sized plastic spacer that slips over it to maintain a certain distance between the ring enclosing the entire genitals and the tube or cage enclosing the shaft. For the rings, the sizing issue is how big you are around the entire genitals (cock and balls) and how tight you want it or can stand it. The length of locking pin and associated spacer determines how much room there is for the scrotum and balls that are held tightly between the ring and the cage.
The sequence needed to put this thing on is counter-intuitive. It would seem you start assembling the rings with the alignment posts and locking pin first and then slip the cage over the shaft. Well, I tried that - not a chance. Like cock rings have done for time immemorial, they immediately trap or slow the flow of blood out of the penis providing an instant erection. That's exactly what happened. I went from about three inches flaccid to six and half inches rock hard before I completed assembling the ring. No way the engorged head would fit in an opening that is about one and quarter inches high and one and three eighth inches wide (the cage is slightly oval, not round). Okay, back up - disassemble the ring, apply ice, watch a little football and try to get back to flaccid.
Fifteen minutes later, I check out the equipment and back to its usual, unexited dangle. This time, I apply a little water based lube to the shaft and head and try to fit the tube onto it. It doesn't just slide on, still too large but now that it's soft squishy I can press and push it. Using fingertips and a little downward pressure on the tube, I get it on, but doing so excites me some and I start to erect again. Not as much as with the ring but I go from three to four plus inches pretty quickly. Jamming the head all the way, working through the slightly narrowed end of the cage where the pronounced head enclosure starts, I find that I'm still hanging out a little when I start to assemble the ring.


  1. I would love to hear more about your diet and nutritional information. I am trying to get rid of that small bit I carry around the waistline but haven't been able to shake it for years.

    On the CB6000 assembly, I've found the sock-method of getting into the cage helpful. Basically, using a knee-high nylon, put it over your member, thread it through the end of the cage and out the hole at the end. As you start to enter the cage, pull on the nylon to help pull you fully into the cage. Good luck and I look forward to reading your updates.

  2. CB6000 is best for controling male chastity.


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