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The New Normal

The New Normal

It has been some time since I’ve last written - about three months. Part of the delay was simply life getting in the way of kink. The other part was simply my desire to only write when I have something worth writing about, i.e. a change in the situation or a new revelation. In a sense we have both.

If you have read my previous blog entries, you know my wife is a lifelong, pure vanilla devotee - no kink whatsoever and our twenty year marriage reflected that. I have has very strong submissive feelings and fantasies my entire life that I have covered up but have found it increasingly difficult to keep the cover on. Last January, I discovered the chastity sub-culture and it had an immediate appeal to me - in fact it seemed to touch something in my very core. I decided to try it - unilaterally, obtaining and wearing a CB-6000 device, off and on, for more than a month without my wife knowing about it.

After the first several weeks of adjustment, finding the right size combinations and the best methods for me of putting it on and wearing it for all activities, I started wearing it almost 24/7, still without my wife’s knowledge. It said something about our marriage and the lack of spontaneous physical touching that she never knew I had it on. She did, however, notice a marked change in my attitude - my degree of solicitude and helpfulness had obviously changed for the better. As if by magic, laundry started getting done, meals prepared and cleaned up and beds made by me without being asked. Moreover, I started focusing more of my attention on her, actively listening as she spoke and letting her lead the conversation.

I finally revealed to her what I had been doing during a mini-vacation at a seaside hotel we like to go to in our home city whenever we can get away for a night or two and don’t want to travel. We had a long conversation - my wife was at first embarrassed that I had been wearing the device all of that time without her knowing about it - immediately understanding what that said about our daily level of physical intimacy. She was also mystified about why I would wear such a thing and revolted by its appearance - likening it to the mask of Hannibal Lectur. She used words like “creepy” and “weird” to describe it (and by inference, me).

But, she also admitted that she had noticed a distinct change in my behavior, for the good and greatly appreciated the change in my attitude. I did not admit to my submissive desires (I think I was already “creepy” and “weird” enough in her eyes without adding that to the mix), but couched my interest in the device (not using the word “chastity”) as a combination of sexual enhancement and a method of weight loss. I explained that the device greatly enhanced the power and duration of my orgasms because of the extended period of sensory deprivation (which was completely true - it does have a enormous magnifying effect for me), and that I wished to use the incentive of sex with this enhanced sexual response to drive my weight loss program - not allowing myself sexual relations until I lost each successive pound for a 15 pound loss.

As I expected, she was suspicious, hesitant and did not embrace the idea at all. My sense was that she would simply ignore it, enjoy the benefits but simply hope that the “weird, “creepy” thing that had intruded upon her marriage would simply disappear when I got bored with it. And she did pretty much what I expected. She ignored the device; wouldn’t touch it, even through my clothes, and took no notice of it in conversation.

But one part of the new program she did buy into completely was the “no sex until I lost a pound.” First, she did want me to lose some weight - I had battled my weight most of my life and succeeded for a long time in keeping it down. The last few years it had started to creep back up. Second, she liked the idea of no sex until some criteria was met - thereby giving her notice of sex and freeing her from pressure for sex from me at all other times. Her libido had been depressed for a long time - she rarely wanted sex, never initiated it and often just seemed to go along with it at my request. Unfortunately, her performance reflected her lack of interest and, despite her going through the motions and me reaching orgasm, often the sex was unsatisfying for me. From her point of view, she could prepare herself for a known “sex date,” much better than dealing with daily pressure from me.

And so we embarked on the program and it was fabulously successful for both of us. I lost the weight - the desire for sex was a very effective incentive for me to resist food and exercise on a daily basis to make my one pound loss every four or five days or so. Wearing the device did enhance the intensity of my orgasm and keep me in a constant state of arousal. But of equal importance, my wife came alive during our sexual encounters. Part of that was her willing participation - not just giving in to pressure from me (and resenting it); and part of it was her new found power to arouse me, to make me jump at her slightest touch. It was empowering for her and renewed the long lost feeling that she was a sexual being. Moreover, the passion and heat of out lovemaking was off the charts - unlike anything we had experienced together since we dated and perhaps the first year of marriage. The fire was back and she was experiencing the most intense, satisfying orgasms than any she could remember.

And so it went for about two months - about the time it took me to lose the weight. After the weight was lost, we switched to a “game” type arrangement. We used dice to determine how many days it would be until our next sexual encounter at a “ceremony” we would do the night after our last sexual encounter - using soft music, scented candles and lots of intimate conversation. I was nude except for my device - she was in sexy lingerie. The first few times we did the ceremony, the results were numbers like eight, nine and ten. My wife loved this new arrangement - less frequent sex, no pressure for sex - ever, new found sexual empowerment for her - the ability to make me jump at her sexual touch, much more enjoyable sex for her when we did have it with body quivering orgasms every time, and a much more helpful and sensitive husband.

As for myself, although the sexual release was less frequent, the quality more than made up for the lower quantity. In fact, there was no comparison between the often brief, tepid lovemaking of before with relatively feeble orgasms and the hot passionate lovemaking of the present with earthshaking orgasms that seemed to go on forever; the happier, more physically intimate wife - even in between lovemaking sessions, and the complete removal of tensions and resentments from our mismatched libidos.

It was a complete win for both of us. The only thing lacking for me was her participation in the “chastity” game - her active recognition of the device and the situation. For a long time it just seemed outside of her “normal” box and she wouldn’t tease or play with me while I was in the device (or even when I wasn’t unless it was during an actual lovemaking session). Slowly that changed as her concept of normal slowly shifted with my consistent wearing of the device - almost 24/7. At first, she would surreptitiously check me out with a thigh pressed between my legs when we hugged goodbye. That progressed to an “oops, excuse me” brush of her hand across my crotch while we walked together or hugged. Finally, she began making explicit “checkouts” of whether I was “enclosed,” and that elicited a smile every time she found that I was.

She had a mind set that the chastity device was painful for me or at least uncomfortable and that if she teased or aroused me it would be more painful or uncomfortable. I did everything I could to reassure her, to convince her that it was not painful and that any discomfort was a “good discomfort” for me as it gave me a sexual buzz - comparing it to the extended pleasurable plateau she attained prior to orgasm. It was a difficult sell - she just didn’t believe me. I even did several “Lady’s Nights” while I was wearing the device where I slowly massaged her body with scented oils and then brought her multiple crashing orgasms with lips, fingers and her favorite wand vibrator. In each case, although I was highly aroused by it all and let her see the result she was having on me with my constrained erection and tightly pinched balls as the erection pulled the ring away from my body, I emphasized that I was not in pain and that I was enjoying it all very much.

Again, it was time and repetition that seemed to bring her around to believing that she would not cause me pain by touching or teasing me when I had the device on. Although still hesitant, she began to tease me at my request, at first with deliberate brushes of my crotch while clothed; then finally progressing to touching the device and my enclosed dick under my shorts during brief teasing sessions. It took several weeks of this before she was comfortable seeing me in the device while otherwise nude and actually touching it and me. Although still hesitant, I could see she was starting to enjoy the effect she had on me while constrained like that. She told me it gave her a tremendous boost of confidence in her sexual power.

Over the course of the next several weeks, I introduced the idea of extended teasing between and during our sexual encounters. I encouraged her to bring me to the edge of orgasm and then stop while I serviced her to an orgasm. I told her, truthfully, that it enhanced the intensity of my eventual orgasm and gave me a tremendous sexual buzz while she was doing it. Tentatively at first, and then with more confidence, she started teasing me for a few minutes every few nights with my encouragement, and then also for a few minutes during our sexual encounters. I also asked and she agreed to wear my key for 24 hours before our sexual encounter with me enclosed and locked up with a heart-shaped lock during that time (at other times, I use a lanyard type clip to keep the chastity device closed since she told me she had no interest or desire to control when I had the device on). I considered this also a significant breakthrough because once she had the key on, she began to actively play the sexually dominant role - threatening playfully to “lose the key” if something she wanted me to do wasn’t done.

Well, at the beginning of July, my wife underwent a minor medical procedure which put her out of sexual action for about ten days. We would be attending a wedding the following weekend at a hotel very near our favorite hotel in the city for our mini-vacation trysts. We decided we would hold off on our next sexual encounter until then - a full seventeen days from our last get together and my last orgasm and then stay overnight at our favorite hotel before the wedding. It would be the longest time I had gone without a sexual release since I had reached puberty (once I discovered masturbation, I rarely went a day without it as a teenager).

It was a difficult two and half weeks. First taking care of my wife as she recovered and all of the house chores (in addition to my work); and doing all this while remaining chaste, securely enclosed in my chastity device. The day before we left for the hotel, I offered her the key which she keeps on a silver chain I gave, hung in the closet. I also had her close the lock on my device, securing me in there, also a first for her. Also that day, I sent her a note telling how much I loved her and how great our relationship has been for the last six months. I also mentioned that I loved the teasing of me she had been doing.

We checked into the hotel the following afternoon and spent the afternoon at their luxurious pool in a private cabana. I had mixed us a couple of three quarter liter bottles of vodka and lemonade. As I usually did, I made hers twice as strong as mine since too much alcohol adversely affects my sexual performance (I’m a light weight when it comes to drinking, I admit it); and she comes alive and loses some of her inhibitions with more alcohol, at least up to a point. It was a long three hours - under my swim suit, my dick was straining at the chastity device as I daydreamed about what would be happening later. I think I was stiff under the unyielding plastic cage for just about the entire time.

While I squirmed in heated anticipation, my wife relaxed on her padded, lounge chair, sipping her drink from an iced, plastic cup and leafing through her copies of People and Self magazine. She didn’t seem to have a care in the world and in no particular hurry to retire to our room. More than once, I looked over under my dark sunglasses and admired her beautiful, lithe form in her high cut, single piece, black bathing suit. At five foot eight and about one hundred and twenty five pounds, my naturally blonde wife still cuts an exciting, sexy figure even as she nears fifty. She is all the woman I want - all the woman I need.

Finally she finished her drink, smiled over at me and silently began packing up her stuff in the beach bag. I didn’t need any more of a hint. Even with the restraining chastity device, my erection was visible through my loose bathing suit if you looked carefully - and this with the short version of the CB-6000 (I’m a grower, not a shower). I immediately took her full beach bag - she smiled again with that knowing, “I’ve got you totally under my power now” smile.

When we returned to the room, I opened up a bottle of Champagne that I had on ice - popping a Champagne cork always seemed to lend an additional festive air to any occasion. I poured us each a generous portion in the flutes I had brought; we clinked glasses in a toast to us and the passion of life. Then she told me to wait while she went into the bathroom to change - she said she had “a little surprise for me.” I saw her pull a red shopping bag out of her luggage bag and just caught the name “Frederick’s of Hollywood” in bold, black script on it.

As soon as she disappeared into the bathroom, I went about making preparations. This included laying out various lubricants and lotions and several vibrators, including that wand vibrator she likes so much. I always take the precaution of bringing along an extension cord when we go to a hotel - you never know where the outlet will be. I then changed into a black thong that I think shows off my abdominals well and highlights the bulge of my crotch. Finally, I looped a light bondage item - a Japanese silk rope, basically two connected loops with slip knots, to the base of the headboard. She had always refused to use any sort of bondage on me - even the lightest, most innocent items, but hope springs eternal in my heart (and elsewhere), figuring we had broken through a lot of limits and taboos these last several months - maybe we would do one more. I reclined on the bed and awaited her.

I few minutes later, I heard the bathroom door open and out she came. She didn’t disappoint me, that’s for sure. Her “surprise” was an incredibly sexy red, velvet bustier that hugged and accentuated her beautiful figure. Below she had on crotchless, black lace panties and sheer, black, nylon stockings, trimmed in the same red velvet as the bustier. I could feel the buzz of sexual excitement in my groin as my PC muscles involuntarily contracted. I told her how incredibly sexy she looked. As she crawled up on the bed, over my reclined body, I noticed the silver chain dangling from her neck, the small, silver key swaying inches above my eyes. She looked down at me as she said, “yes, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” With my voice caught in my throat I could only nod yes, smiling about as widely as my face would permit. “Well, maybe I’ll let you out and maybe I won’t,” she purred, as she crawled further up my prostrate body until she was kneeling above my upper chest, her smooth, stockinged legs pressed against my shoulders.

This was something new - she was presenting herself for oral sex. In the past, I had always had to initiate this - she had always been very shy and self-conscious about her nether region. As she loomed over my appreciative eyes, I could see that she must have gotten herself freshly waxed. She had only a few light wisps of her silky, fine blonde pubic hair framing her beautiful pussy, with a small tuft of the wheat colored hair above her slit. I could see she was already aroused - her pussy lips puffy and already parted like the petals of a rose. I had never seen her that aroused at the start - it usually took a half hour or so of foreplay to get her in that state. She pushed her pussy towards my mouth in an unspoken directive to get started. I didn’t need a second invitation.

I began with a long, slow swipe of my tongue along the length of her slit, beginning with the patch of soft skin between her vagina and anus and working upward in a slow, continuous climb to the very top of her slit, stopping at the top - feeling the hardness of her clitoral shaft through its covering hood. I flattened my tongue at the top base of her clit and kept it there for several seconds until I felt her shudder in response and automatically press her slit forward to get more pressure on her clit. I did this twice more, getting a stronger shudder each time accompanied by a moan of pleasure, “Yessssssss,” is all she said.

I continued to lave her moistening slit, her nether lips growing thicker as they engorged with blood; her clit hardening and growing until the pearl-like head emerged from its protective hood. She began thrusting her hips at my lips, then grasping both sides of my head with her hands, fingers entwined in my thick, wavy hair. She humping harder and faster as my tongue and lips tried to keep up but it was no use - it was too fast, she was moving too fast for my tongue to find anything but the general area between her lips. Finally, she angled her hips up and I found her wet opening. I slid my tongue in as she thrust her hips hard into my face. I felt her react immediately to my plunging tongue, moaning loudly in pleasure.
I felt the pressure of her weight shift as she leaned over me but couldn’t see what she was doing with my face buried in her crotch. Thus, I was startled and jumped when I heard the loud “buzz” of the vibrator as she applied the tip of the three inch mini-vibe to the side of her clit. She also stiffened immediately at the first touch and a low moan escaped from her lips. She began rocking her hips, thrusting her hole on my stiff tongue as she pressed the powerful little vibrator against her bud. In less than a minute, she came hard, bucking wildly on top of my chest, grinding herself hard on my mouth as she jerked and spasmed, her inner thighs gripped the sides of my face so hard that it hurt. She came and came, finally slowing as she slumped down over my face, completely engulfing it with her slick, wet torso.

We stayed like that for several minutes, me barely able to breath through my nose which was buried in her lower abdomen. I felt her chest on top of my head rising and falling with her deep breaths, rapid at first and then slowing as I felt all of the tension in her body release.

“Oh baby, that was so good,” she whispered in my ear.

I could taste the musk of her juices on my tongue, still buried deep within her hole as she began to move on top of me, unfolding herself from my face and pulling her hips back, finally breaking contact with my lips and tongue as she continued to unfold herself and extend her legs back on top of me. She slid down until her face was over mine, her eyes locked onto me. She flipped her long, blonde hair out of her eyes and then nestled her cheek into the crevice between my neck and collarbone. I felt her smooth, stockinged thighs hug by chastity device enclosed cock and give it a little squeeze. I reacted immediately to the pressure, instinctively thrusting my hips up in a useless gesture to generate some friction and pressure on my plastic enclosed shaft.

I continued to buck my hips and she reciprocated, thrusting her hips back at me and squeezing her thighs. I heard her giggle as she realized my predicament. She was enjoying the game, the tease. I felt her rise up and slowly roll off of me. My disappointment was brief as I saw her turnaround and back up over me, her knees straddling my face, her glistening slit inches from my lips. Looking up, I could see her deliciously round, alabaster white ass which parted as she spread her knees to lower herself, revealing the pink rosebud of her asshole.

It was only as she extended one shapely leg across my chest and lowered her slit to my lips that I realized that she had really gotten into the tease thing. She was enjoying it as much as me and wanted to do it more. I was all for it as she reached my plastic encased shaft with the toes of her stockinged foot and started to play with it, rolling it around - left and right, back and forth, slipping her toes under my balls and lifting them; pressing down on the sensitive spot below my scrotum with her heel. I squirmed under her, my dick fully engorged and straining against the plastic sheath restraining it. Despite the device, I was fully erect, my growing dick having pulled the restraining ring away from my body so far that it was fully two inches from my pubic mound. The pressure of the ring on my trapped balls was intense but strangely pleasurable. Fortunately, my scrotum had been stretched from my many months of wearing the device so it was able to accommodate the irresistible pull of my pressurized cock.

Looking up at her crack, I remembered the Japanese rope loops I had placed at the bottom of the headboard. I reached up around my wife and felt for them with my fingers. I wiggled the loops, tickling her ass with them. She looked back over her shoulder momentarily and then looked back down at me. “Nope, none of that stuff tonight honey,” she said, dismissing any idea of bondage. Clearly, I would not be topping from the bottom this time. For the first time, she seemed to have her own ideas of what she wanted to do.

After a little more teasing with her foot, her slit just out of reach of my tongue, she shifted again and then, apparently uncomfortable with the contorted position, rose up and slid off of me, finally sitting on side of the bed near the night stand. I immediately sat up and followed, straddling her hips with my legs, pressing my plastic enclosed shaft against her butt. She rose up slightly off the bed but remained squatting over it. The invitation to me was clear as I slid further towards the edge, under her, until the top of my plastic covered erection was touching her pussy from behind. She lowered herself onto me, pressing her crotch into mine and moaning as she ground herself into me. At first I had to scramble quickly to keep my trapped balls from getting crushed. It was a very close call - that nearly ended the night with literally a whimper. But I managed to get the “boys” to safety as she slid herself back and forth on top of me.

I reached around to massage her clit but she immediately slapped my hand playfully. “No, just sit there - I’ll do this,” she said with firmness in her voice. She then went on to give me the most incredible lap dance I could ever imagine. For about ten minutes she wiggled, thrust and gyrated her bottom on my trapped cock, using her fingers to further tantalize me. By the time she was done, my erection was so insistent that it had pulled the restraining ring as far as my stretched scrotum would allow without ripping my own balls off. Looking down at it, there was this intense feeling of pleasure and satisfaction at seeing the beautifully, grotesquely stretched ball sack.

When she was done with the lap dance, she had me lie down on my back and then crawled on top of me, squirming and rubbing herself on top of me, then using her lips and tongue to excite me further, starting with deep french kisses and working her way down to my nipples, belly and inner thighs. At this point, I was jumping out of my skin with every touch of her warm, wet tongue. She smiled and giggled, enjoying her power to make me jump. Then, looking down at my imprisoned cock, she stroked it through the plastic tube, then looked back over at me and said: “I don’t know - the dice roll said tomorrow was your day to cum. I’ve had mine so maybe we should stop now?”

I was about 90% sure she was just teasing me, that she wasn’t serious, but the other 10% of doubt threw more fuel on my body that was already afire. There was a moment of silence as she dangled the key from her neck over my trapped cock and balls. Almost every fiber of my being wanted her to release me - to let me go - so I could explode in rapturous relief. I have to admit, however, that there was this other part of me that would have been deeply satisfied if she kept me locked up - exercised her absolute control over me after this ultimate tease.

But she laughed as she reassured me that she was just kidding, then took the key chain off her neck and quickly unlocked the small, heart-shaped padlocked that was holding the force of my passion at bay. Now this is where the restraints on my wrists would have come in handy. Instead of allowing my wife to take apart the CB-6000s chastity device and thereby get to handle and explore its parts, I was so eager to be set free and on my way to orgasmic release that I immediately took the thing apart myself. It was a lost opportunity of getting my wife “hands on” with the chastity device.

She began to stroke my ramrod hard dick with her hand, using some silicon lube. It felt unbelievably great - that inner pre-orgasmic vibration amped up immediately to just short of inevitability. I told her and she immediately let go. I had asked to be teased and she was going to accommodate me. It took all of my self-control not to grab my dick and finish it. I did some Tantric breathing and PC muscle control to put a brake on it and it worked - well sort of. Despite consciously holding back on contracting my PC muscles (those used to stop urination and whose contraction is necessary to trigger a full orgasm), I felt a throbbing deep within my perineum as my prostate gland began contracting involuntarily and my wife and I watched as a thin, clear, whitish fluid slowly oozed from my dick.

My wife looked at me quizzically, wondering if I’d cum. I told her “no,” it was just pre-cum and that I had a lot more left in me. She smiled and climbed on me, straddling my hips and slowly inserting my rigid rod into her pussy. The velvet soft heat of her tunnel immediately took me back to the edge. Both the moans of pleasure from me and the feeling of my rod spreading and entering her tunnel immediately raised her level of arousal as well. She had already cum twice but she had gotten greedy and wanted more.

All thoughts of another edging, more teasing disappeared as she climbed the heights again, slowly impaling herself on me - me thrusting up to meet her downward strokes. I was getting close again but I wanted to wait for her - I wanted us to cum together. After a few more strokes, I grabbed the wand vibrator where she had left it, next to me, flicked the power switch and place the vibrating head just above my deeply buried shaft, directly on her clit. She jumped and laughed, grabbing the wand from me and applying it to herself. Within a matter of seconds, I saw those telltale rapid fluttering of her lower abdomen muscles which always signaled that she was just about to cum. I let myself go - and with one more deep thrust, my orgasmic trigger was pulled.

I can’t really describe the feeling - it was a mixture of a burning sensation and an explosively expanding ball of pleasure that ripped through my groin. I began thrusting wildly, primitive cries of pure pleasure burst forth from my lips. My hips bucked upward driving my dick into her as deeply as it would go. The vibrator on her clit and my deep thrust triggered her own orgasm and her primitive cries joined mine. She began to wildly gyrate her hips and throw her head and long mane of blonde hair back and forth, whipping it around as I bucked wildly below her. It seemed to go on forever as I emptied my load into her grasping tunnel. Even after she collapsed on top of me, her wet cheek and damp hair pressed tightly against my face, my orgasmic contractions continued, until finally the last spasms died away.

I don’t know how long we lay together like that - two sweaty bodies merged into one collapsed mass, both of us only semi-conscious, but the first thing I felt was her movement on top of me and then my now semi-soft dick sliding out of her pussy. This was followed immediately by the sensation of a warm, syrupy fluid dripping onto my ball sack. There was a lot of syrup.

If you had told me six months ago when my experiment in male chastity play began that my thoroughly vanilla and somewhat prudish wife would give me a lap dance while I was secured in a plastic, locked chastity device, teasing the daylights out of me while flaunting the key, I would have said the chance of that happening was practically nil. But I was persistent and worked to a plan. Basically, I created for her a “new normal.” I slowly expanded that which she considered “normal,” to encompass male chastity devices. Through trial and error, I found the following worked for me:

1. I did not confront her and push the issue when she initially found the whole idea of my chastity bizarre and the chastity device repugnant. I continued to wear it and did not ask her to participate in putting it on me or taking it off. In fact, I did both myself in private away from her eyes. But I did let her know that I had it on each day and told her that while I was doing something nice for her without her asking me to do it. It could be anything from laundry to foot massages, but I made sure that when I told her I had it on she had a good feeling to associate it with.

2. The sex we had was less frequent but each was treated a special event and she had my undivided attention. I did some research and found some new techniques for stimulating her. Even before she began to melt a little and participate in the chastity game, she said her orgasms were the best she’s ever had and was extremely happy with my new found knowledge and techniques. I think it also pleased her that I went to the trouble of teaching myself how to pleasure her better. I also made sure that she always came first; and did my best to get her off a second time if she was up for it.

3 I gave her positive feedback, reinforcing any behavior by her which recognized my wearing of the chastity device (like feeling it through my pants and smiling) and any effort she made to play the game by teasing me. My wife’s greatest pleasure is talking while I am actively listening (no kidding), so I did my best to pay complete attention to her when she was taking. Every woman has something she loves to do. Find it and give it to her. Often it costs nothing more than your time and attention.

4. When talking about the reasons for wanting to do male chastity play, never lie but you need not reveal the whole truth either. In my case, I told her initially that I wanted to try it as a way of providing a real, powerful incentive for me to lose weight by laying off fattening foods and extra helpings. I explained that only the powerful need for sex would be sufficient to offset my appetite for the wrong foods. If I had to “earn” my releases by losing a pound, I had a better chance of following the necessary diet. This was completely true - the need for sexual release was a powerful deterrent to bad eating habits and blowing off workouts - that part was very true. Of course, I didn’t tell her all of the truth - that I had a powerful urge to be sexually submissive and that wearing a chastity device seemed to touch some central pleasurable spot in my psyche. As the weight came off, we discovered together just how amazing the sex was for both of us after my penis was isolated from all touch sensation and I remained chaste for a week or more. She was thrilled and really turned on by her new found power to make me “jump” with the slightest touch of her hand or lips. This great sex also greatly improved the rest of our relationship - we returned to the closeness and emotional intimacy we’d had as newlyweds. She was able to relax more because she finally felt in control about the where, when and how of our sexual relations.

So, is it everything I’ve always fantasized about? No, but we’re getting there, slowly but surely, in small steps. There are limits to where I can shift “normal” with my wife. She will never be a “whips and chains” Domme, but that’s okay, I’m not into the full time D’s thing either - it is strictly a bedroom game, sexual play with me. There are some things that I can accomplish though. I would like to get her comfortable with wearing my key, essentially full time. The idea of being locked up and having the key resting in the cleavage between her soft breasts is an incredible turn on for me. I’d also like to get her to experiment with at least some light bondage on me - maybe just some loops for my wrists. And, I would really like to experience a “ruined orgasm” at her hands.

Ideally, I’d like to get her to experiment with some anal play with me - my prostate is very sensitive and I’m easily aroused with play at my back door but I don’t think that’s in the cards for my very vanilla wife in the near future. Of course, I could never have imagined she’d lap dance over my CB-6000s covered dick, so you can never say never. I’ll have to give that one some thought and careful planning. Meanwhile, I will make sure she experiences the benefits of chastity play and see if I can get her to take the initiative with teasing and denial play.

I will write when there are further developments.


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