Monday, August 16, 2010

An "Aha" Moment

An “Aha” Moment

In every successful transition to a Male Chastity Lifestyle Relationship, there is a moment when it becomes clear that the person being induced to go along with male chastity suddenly “gets it,” i.e. understands the importance of chastity to the person introducing it and the benefits of chastity to the relationship and to themselves. I think my wife has just had such a moment.

I had been wearing my chastity device pretty close to 24/7 for couple of months, taking it off daily to thoroughly clean it and myself, when my wife asked me to take it off and leave it home during our ten day vacation out of town. She explained that since we would be sharing a condo with another family, she was concerned that they might accidently discover it. She said she would be mortified and unable to face them again if that happened and she didn’t want to chance it.

As I explained in my last post, she had been starting to come around and accept my wearing the device and even began to actively touch and tease me when I had it on during the start of sex play. She was somewhat resistant to wearing the key I had given her but agreed to wear it at least for the 24 hours preceding the time of a planned date for some sex play and my release. Given the progress she was making, I acceded to her wishes to leave the device home.

Well, the vacation had its problems. The living quarters were smaller than we thought and with only one bathroom, it became in exercise in futility just to get in there for a few minutes in the morning. Every activity and meal devolved into a lengthy negotiation to satisfy all members of both families, and then getting everybody actually out the door to go someplace was like herding cats. Frankly, as much as we liked this other family, they starting to get on our nerves after a while. They probably felt the same way about us.

As the vacation wore on, I found myself becoming a little short-tempered and just generally in a foul mood. By the time we drove home, my wife and I were becoming increasingly short with each other. The final forty miles through bumper to bumper traffic in southern California brought a constant exchange of sarcastic comments and bickering between us. The last ten miles were passed in silence.

Now, it had been eight months since I started experimenting with male chastity and wearing a chastity device. During that time, my wife and I hadn’t bickered once - in fact, I don’t think even a cross word passed between us. I was so caught up in my anger and resentment, that it didn’t occur to me that my bad mood (and her responding bad mood) was related to the fact that I hadn’t worn my chastity device for that ten day period. We’d had sex during that ten day period, once, furtively and quietly so our cohabiting family wouldn’t hear us. It was, in a word, disappointing for both of us. Without the device on, I had also reverted to masturbating almost daily - receiving little satisfaction except for the momentary relief of orgasm.

Well, although it didn’t occur to me that my bad mood was related to not wearing the chastity device, it didn’t escape my wife. As soon as we got home, she immediately went inside and put the gold chain with my device key around her neck and showed it to me, smiling as she dangled it in front of me. I smiled back, immediately put my chastity device back on and we hugged, kissed and gently caressed each other, both of us apologizing for our behavior towards each other. My wife had experienced an “Aha” moment where she recognized with clarity the importance of chastity to me, our relationship and herself.

Since then, she has been wearing the key regularly without my asking her to put it on. She hands me the key in the morning to remove the device for my shower and its cleaning and puts the key back on when I return it to her. She does take it off from time to time when wearing certain outfits afraid she will blush and stammer if asked about it by a friend. To solve this problem, I have ordered a silver locket that is just the right size to hold the key to my chastity device Master Lock. I will have it engraved with our initials (in fancy script) on the front and an inscription on the back which will read:
“You will always hold the key to my heart.
Je t’aime - K.”

I haven’t told her about the locket yet. I will give it to her on our anniversary which will be in a couple of weeks.

The change in my mood after donning the chastity device was amazing. I can only describe it as a general feeling of well-being and security. It also made me very happy to see my wife’s continuing progress along the chastity lifestyle path and her growing awareness of its importance to us.

I have been thinking about what this mood change is all about - why it happens; what is the source. I have developed a theory of sorts which I will write about in a subsequent blog entry.

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