Monday, May 28, 2012

Geez She's Getting Good At This

It appears that I have been so busy with work that I have let my weight creep back up to an unacceptable level. In the last year, I have added fifteen pounds which must come off. Of course, the logical thing to do was to return to the beginning of our chastity game in which I had to lose a pound to be eligible to be allowed to cum. This was how we started our chastity game. In fact, it was the justification I presented to my wife when I first revealed my chastity desires - I needed help to motivate me to lose weight and the chastity device to keep me from taking things in my own hands (so to speak) and reducing that motivation.

This time around though, it will be two pounds lost before I am eligible to cum, with my wife, of course, deciding when, after that loss, I will be given release. I weigh in twice a week (Friday and Tuesday) and report my weight loss to her. She is also empowered to immediately stop me from eating something with just a look or a touch on my arm. If I object or argue with her, even if I give her some attitude, she is empowered to discipline me with a note that says five days (or more) have been added to my chastity period (after the two pound weight loss). The penalty doubles for each offense during that chastity period.

We are a month into this program and I am finding weight loss more difficult this time around. Maybe my metabolism has slowed or something but strict dieting and a daily ninety minute workout (mainly walking on an incline treadmill) has yielded an average of about a pound a week. Last Friday, just before a business trip to Los Angeles, I reported to her that I had lost my two pounds since my last release thirteen days previous. She gave me a smile and a wink and said I should have a very happy return when I got back.

Just before I drove back from LA Saturday night, my wife sent me a text message telling me she wanted me and that it was "going to be my night," which is her code for she was going to let me release. Well, it was pedal to the metal time. I made the three hour drive in two and a half. Arriving home, I found her in her robe lounging on the couch with a vodka tonic on the table which had been half consumed. After a hug and a very long, lingering, French Kiss, she took me by the hand and led me up the stairs to our bedroom. We embraced again and kissed, this time her hand snaked down to the front of my pants and she used the heel of her hand to rub my groin. The only problem was I still had on my Watchful Mistress, the steel chastity device I wear 24/7 except when she wants me out to play. I was engorged and bulging out of the bars, the tightness and pressure causing a type of pain that my mind has learned to interpret as pleasure and excitement.

She led me to the master bath and turned on the shower. Removing her robe, I found she was completely nude underneath. I watched, admiring her magnificent body as she turned and stepped into the shower. She looked back at me, crooked her finger and said "join me." I was out of my clothes in an instant and into the shower. She gave me another tight hug and kiss under the cascading hot water and then silently turned around - her signal that she wanted me to soap her back and massage her.

I worked from the back of her neck down, soaping and rubbing her back, reaching around to cup and lightly squeeze her breasts and nipples. I felt her sag a bit, leaning back towards me as I soaped her belly from behind and then reached down to her neatly trimmed pussy and slowly ran my finger up her slit. She leaned even more heavily into me as I worked her pussy with one hand while I slid the other down the crack of her tight, rounded ass, sliding over her anal sphincter before bringing my middle finger up to her tunnel and slipping the first joint of my finger in.

As I slowly worked her up into a frenzy, she slipped her hand back and began squeezing and massaging my still locked cock and bulging balls. After a few minutes her massaging of me stopped, her hand dropping limply by her side as I continued to slide a finger in and out of her while I rubbed and massaged her clit with my other hand. Her knees became weak, too weak to hold her up as she sagged back against me. Her eyes were closed and her mouth agape as the hot water splashed down on both us. "Oh god," she muttered as she again staggered back against me. I was having trouble holding her up and remaining upright myself on the slippery shower floor. I was a little afraid we would both go tumbling down against the stone blocks of the shower stall. It would make for an amusing double autopsy I thought.

I removed the hand working her clit, reached over and shut off the water, whispering "let's take this inside." She seemed to come to and recover her footing, taking the weight of her lean off of me, turned and smiled then hugged me tightly, our wet bodies sliding over each other.

After we stepped out of the shower and toweled each other dry, we walked hand in hand back into our bedroom. She told me to get the bed ready while she finished her preparations. Getting the bed ready meant putting the rubber backed sheet on the bed to protect it from the silicon lubricant we use, and setting BFFL wand vibrator on the nightstand, plugged in and ready to use. I also placed my emergency key, still sealed in its small, yellow, coin envelope, in easy reach on the nightstand. I was still in my device and I knew her key was on her house key ring downstairs.

I plumped up a couple of pillows also protected with a rubber backed pillow cover and lay down on the bed. I was wearing only my device and a smile. When my wife returned, I saw she had put on black, nylon stockings and a pair of black thong panties I had given her. It had been custom made with a message in neat, white script "Show Me Your Devotion," on the front. As she climbed on top of me, I took in the scent of her perfume - one that I particularly like from Victoria's Secret. Both the scent and the visual feast had an immediate effect on me. Although my Watchful Mistress is very effective in discouraging erections, it was unable to stop this one. I could feel the bars in front pressing into the soft, sensitive flesh of my penis head as it had nowhere to go but to bulge through the restraining bars.

She lay down flat on top of me, her breasts pressed into my chest, her groin atop my steel enclosed dick. She began to kiss and lick my ear while she slowly ground her hips into me. The metal of the device may have been uncomfortable for her sensitive girl bits because she quickly shifted herself higher on me, so my device slipped down between her legs, my semi-erected member resting on the cheeks of her ass. She continued to grind herself into me, using my pubic bone to pressure her clit. She slid herself up and down, round and round, moans of pleasure escaping from her lips.

After a few minutes of this, she sat up, remaining astride me, her soft, nylon clad legs outside of mine. I rubbed those luscious legs with my hands, reaching down to massage her feet. She slid up further on my chest until her knees were up against my armpits.

"Read the Message," she said smiling broadly.

I didn't need to read it. I knew what her thong panties said - I bought it for her. I smiled back and then slid both arms under thighs, cupping her ass cheeks as I drew her to me. The first lick through the thin, panty material was from the bottom of her slit up, my tongue stopping and pressing into the hard nub of her clit underneath. She was already wet and I could feel the swell of her labia with my tongue. I felt her stiffen on top of me, her thighs clenching against my torso. I licked her again in the same way, again pausing at the top of her slit to press the nub with the flat of my tongue. I held it there very still, ratcheting up the tension and suspense. She squirmed and shifted, impatient for me to continue. I resumed licking her through the panty material but very lightly.

My wife grew impatient. She wanted it faster, with more direct contact on her pussy. She reached over and grabbed the headboard, pulling herself until she was fully astride my face. Holding the headboard with one hand, she stood up, slipped her panties off with the other, allowing them to fall in a small, aromatic pile on my chin. She was a magnificent sight towering above me, two columns of black nylon giving way strikingly to creamy white skin. I felt her step over my shoulders and press the backs of her ankles against the top of them as she eased herself down, still holding the headboard for support.

Her warm, wet slit rested against my chin. I needed no further instruction. Gripping her ass with my hands, I pulled her toward me and held her there as I began licking her the way she liked it, slow and steady, then building in speed until she couldn't stand it anymore. It didn't take long. As her excitement rose, I began paying more attention to her clit, circling it and gently sucking on it. Her hips began gyrating wildly as she pressed herself against my tongue. She was close to orgasm when she stopped moving. I felt her reach over to the nightstand. She picked up my sealed envelope with the key to my chastity device and wiggled it over my eyes.

"Do you want to come out and play?"
"Yes, Oh god Yes!" I replied, remembering that she had said this was going to be my night in her text message to me.
"Say please," she whispered, giggling.
"Please, oh please can I come out?"
"Well, maybe later," she said shaking her head "no" and waggling her finger in an mocking "no-no" gesture.

She put the envelope back down on the nightstand and picked up the wand vibrator. She rose up a bit on her knees until her pussy was just above my lips, clicked on the vibrator, ran it immediately up to the third of its four speeds and pressed it against her clit. The buzzing was incredibly loud and it was painful when it touched the underside of my nose. I extended my tongue until it reached the entrance of her tunnel. When I plunged in I felt her stiffen and heard her suck in air through her widely open mouth, her head tilted up. My tongue extended as far as it could before I retracted it to the entrance and plunged in again.

It was hard to keep my tongue in her as she bucked and gyrated, the vibrator sending waves of pleasure through her body that no tongue, however practiced, could duplicate. She lasted only a couple of minutes until she exploded, jerking suddenly upward and then whipping herself side to side, screaming "I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Oh God I'm cumming!" I gripped her ass tightly and did my best to keep my tongue plunging into her but I think by that time she was oblivious to anything I was doing. Her body had been taken over by the five thousand RPM's of the wand vibrator and whisked away to that ecstatically blissful place of the full body orgasm.

She collapsed limp on top of me, the vibrator falling from her hand beside my torso, its high pitched buzz still filling my ears. I reached down and felt for it, finding the switch and turning it off. It was suddenly very still and silent. My wife's warm, slick body was pressed into mine, only the sound of her rapid breathing disturbing the quiet. She squirmed and shuddered a little as little contractions of pleasure continued to course through her. It was several minutes before her breathing slowed and I felt her arm slide under my neck and hug me tightly.

It was with difficulty that my wife dragged herself up until she was sitting astride me again. Even with her damp hair hanging limply across half her face, she looked beautiful. She reached over to the nightstand and picked up the key envelope again.

"So, I suppose you want to come out and play don't you."
"Yes, yes I do Milady," I said smiling as I used my favorite pet name for her.
"You want to come out and you want me to let you orgasm, don't you?" she said smiling back at me.
"Yes, I want to very badly," I said, adding "pleeeeese" in my most hopeful voice, fairly certain that she would rip the envelope open and hand me the key.
"No, not tonight, no release for you tonight," she said slowly, enunciating every word slowly and finishing with a smile.
I was silent - kind of shock before I said "really?" hoping she was joking with me, teasing me one more time before she let me out.
"Really," she said, this time without smiling. "Be careful what you wish for," she added and then smiled as she tossed the envelope back on the nightstand.
She slid off of me and curled up beside me fitting nicely in the curve between my arm and torso, my hand stroking her hair as she slowly nodded off.

My body was reluctantly shifting gears, from extreme excitement and preparation for high energy sex and wild, orgasmic pleasure, to shut down - absolute stillness in body and mind. I continued to stroke her hair as she slept comfortably against me, her breathing slow and regular. I felt my dick shrink back away from the pressure of the bars - it too realizing that it wasn't coming out, that nothing more would be happening that night.

"Geez, she was getting good at this," I thought.

My feelings about what had happened were strangely mixed. There was a part of me - that part that emerges when I am sexually excited, that was disappointed. That part of me wanted to cum more than anything else in the world. The rest of me felt a deep sense of satisfaction mingled with a bit of pride. My wife had truly made the transition and could do this. She had denied me, giving me no reason or justification. She had denied me simply because she could, as a demonstration of her power over me.

The next morning while cuddled in bed I asked my wife if she had planned last night as an incredible tease from the very beginning. She said no, that the thought only occurred to her on the spur of the moment when she saw the sealed envelope and saw the look of excited expectation in my eyes. It was then that she had realized that she could give me what I truly craved - a Grand Tease; one of those tease and denials that is so powerful that it shakes the soul. I told her she had succeeded and thanked her again for playing the game with me and playing it so well. We hugged and cuddled for another half hour, her hand often wandering down to my groin to give her steel enclosed property a little squeeze and stroke from time to time. It was one of those quiet moments that will live forever in my memory.


  1. She certainly is getting good at this, and your writing continues to be a delight. I allowed my husband to read this, as he's very familiar with the "Grand Tease" situation, and I was interested in whether he thought your explanation of the frustrating ending was accurate. He pointed to the following part:

    "My body was reluctantly shifting gears, from extreme excitement and preparation for high energy sex and wild, orgasmic pleasure, to shut down - absolute stillness in body and mind.
    I continued to stroke her hair as she slept comfortably against me, her breathing slow and regular. I felt my dick shrink back away from the pressure of the bars - it too realizing that it wasn't coming out, that nothing more would be happening that night."

    Karl said that was very much the way he felt in similar situations, except he added that there was an almost nauseous feeling in the pit of his stomach as his body accepted the fact of denial. A nausea brought on by such extreme desire being replaced by helpless frustration. He further said that this nausea was in and of itself an extreme turn-on.

    I don't pretend to completely understand what a man feels at the time of such denial, but between your writing and my husband's comments
    it's clear that all women should take advantage of what tease and denial can bring to a relationship and the power that it gives to a woman.

    Perhaps we can make this required reading in all of those home economic classes they make girls take in elementary school? That would make those lessons on ironing and doing the cleaning obsolete, as it would be clear just which gender would be doing all that in the future if the young ladies just knew how to use tease and denial:)

  2. I agree - great post. I actually have a question that I often get asked by my wife for which I would love to hear how some others would answer. Simply put in the middle of things she will suddenly decide that she is ready and will ask me "so, how would you like to be teased". She of course makes the final call but she will throw that question out on occasion and it always gets my mind racing. As a disclaimer I am not yet under lock and key although that may be on the very near horizon. At least for us, some of the options for me to be teased are: she will finish while allowing me to be inside of her, she will have me go down on her or have me play with her, she will have me put my face as close to her privates as possible without being allowed to touch at all and just watch her play with herself. I guess one of the questions comes down to what is more of a tease - penetration without climax or the other extreme of not even being allowed to have any contact at all. Both very different scenarios. Of course we end up doing the mix between the two - it is just that she really catches me off-guard with that question.

  3. For Rob:

    Good question. Both teases are terrific, each in its own way. Fortuntately, I don't have to choose. My wife uses both of them and she never asks me which I want, nor would I have the temerity to suggest it. She doesn't like taking direction when it comes to teasing.

    For Lady Grey,

    Thanks again for the kind words. I understand Karl's feeling of a nauseous feeling in the pit of the stomach. I have a similar feeling that I can only describe as adrenaline shock. It is a feeling in which my body is revved up, flooded with adrenaline to prepare me for sex - I can feel the pounding of my heart and the abdominal pulse (aorta) pumping blood through me and suddenly everything stops. Every fiber in me is prepared to penetrate and thrust and then there is nothing, nothing, nothing but sudden stillness as the reality sinks. Think of a long jumper racing down the track, his entire body prepared to hit the take off point and leap with all his might and then suddenly, at the very last moment, the jump is aborted and he comes to a screeching stop, tumbling head over ass in a dizzying, sprawling finish. That's kind of what it is like for me. The adrenaline rush is incredible as is the sudden stop at the end. It's all great for me.

    For Harry,

    Thanks for the Wow! Yes, it was a "Wow!" The reality even more of a Wow than the written story.


  4. For Lady Grey,

    Regarding the last section of your comment:

    "Perhaps we can make this [male tease and denial instruction]required reading in all of those home economic classes they make girls take in elementary school? That would make those lessons on ironing and doing the cleaning obsolete, as it would be clear just which gender would be doing all that in the future if the young ladies just knew how to use tease and denial:)"

    Although I think it was made somewhat tongue in cheek, it is actually very true. My wife gets more "housework" done with less effort than even the best home economist. For an expenditure of 5-15 minutes of her time on most days and perhaps a half hour to an hour every week or so to do some grand tease and denial of me, she gets all meals prepared, all food shopping done, all after meal clean-up done and all laundry done by me, not to mention all potential disputes with her spouse resolved immediately in her favor. It might be worth a blog entry just to discuss this but I would like to do a little research first.

  5. I have to agree with you about the odd mixed emotions that take place. In this current stretch I have been on denial for six weeks as of yesterday (on the honour system). Each day since last Thursday I have been told in the morning that I will be permitted release at some point during that day. Out of those 7 days there have been 4 active teasing days and 3 inactive. On each of those 4 occasions when things started to heat up I of course am so anxious to hear those words allowing me to climax however at the same time something in the back of my mind starts telling me how exciting it will be if she decides that only she will climax. During the heat of things that thought is always there - of course now that it is 4 hours later all I can think about is her allowing me to finish while pressed up against her sexy body. Of course at the completion of this mornings activities I was told that if everything goes as planned I might be allowed to finish tonight. We shall see. I am in a bit of the same situation as you - it appears that my wife is truely starting to enjoy this and is started to get very good at it.

  6. Thanks for your comment Trained Husband. It is exciting when they take off on their own.

  7. Just to quickly follow up since I know it is going to be any day for me as I am approaching 7 weeks. I had a dynamics this morning that I am sure everyone has run into. I was quite certain that I was going to be granted permission this morning. I woke up extra refreshed so even snuck off the to bathroom for some mouthwash and crawled back into bed. My wife was in that half asleep, half awake state so I gave her a light back massage for about 30 minutes and gradually worked my way south, however got a nudge the one time that I went a little too far south. I continued to alternate b/w massaging and carressing - back and ass. She ended up staying in the half asleep state and I started to realize that not only would things not be happening to me - but that she was having a sleepy morning and that she did not even want an orgasm. I resigned myself to continuing to massage and carress her. It was one of those situations where I had to catch myself to make sure that I did not get frustrated that nothing overtly sexual took place - but rather focus on the fact that this further emphasizes her dominance over me. That everything is to be on her terms and that this morning she enjoyed drifting in and out of sleep while having her back rubbed. I think I am starting to get better at turning something that could frustrate me into something that puts me deeper into the role of fully accepting her dominance over me completely under her terms. With that said - I am certain that my countdown is down to 1 day - 2 at the most - but I have thought that now for a week.

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