Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Part 2 - Romancing Milady B

We both lay very still for awhile in each other's arms. There was only the sounds of our breathing, the soft James Taylor music on the stereo and the crackle of the fire. I was pretty much resigned to our date coming to an end when I felt her hand stroking mine. Then, her hand worked its way down my arm to my chest, stroking and kneading, playing with my nipples before working its way down my belly. Her fingers twirled and played with my pubic hair, occasionally straying to my inner thighs but then returning to my pubic hair. I was hard, rock hard. She hadn't touched my genitals at all but I could feel my body shifting gears. It was like the "whoosh" that occurs when a lit match is put near a gas fireplace with the gas turned on.

I still didn't know where this was going. She continued to play with my pubic hair, massage and knead my pubic mound and inner thighs for the what seemed the longest time. It was like flipping a coin and having it land on its edge and roll - teetering one way and then the other. I could tell she was having fun with me. What I didn't know is whether even she knew which way this was going to go or whether she was just winging it. I remained perfectly still, not wanting to spoil whatever it was she was doing. Only my rapid breathing and, of course, the steel rod sticking straight up from my crotch, gave me away.

Her next move was to very gently cup my balls. She held her hand very still except for her thumb which lazily grazed up and down the underside of the root of my shaft. It was maddening. My male sexual drive desperately wanted her to speed up, to get to my dick and get me off. The rest of me, experienced now with the rhythm and sensations of tease and denial, was enjoying the game and admiring her skill. The pleasure I felt was mainly between my ears as the tension of not knowing what she would do next and whether or not I would be able to cum played out. Looking back on it later, I recognized it as the purest form of dominance and submission you could imagine. I was like a liquid, taking the shape of whatever vessel in which my wife decided to pour me. For those exquisite few minutes, I had no shape, no will of my own.

After what seemed an eternity, my wife smiled and shifted her hand to my shaft, moving up its solid length before finding the tip with her thumb which she used to spread the copious pre-cum fluid I was leaking. I gave a loud gasp of pleasure at the first firm stroke of hand as it moved back downward to the root. She held her rod filled fist hard against my groin and waggled my dick a few times before sliding back up again.

Little flames of pleasure seem to burst out and spread all along my shaft.

"That's a "7," I exclaimed, using our number game to report that I was getting close to orgasm. In one of our tease and denial games, I report my arousal using a number from 1 to 10. It usually takes ten or fifteen minutes of stroking to get me to a "7." I was there already on the first stroke. An "8" means I am very close to the point of no return and if you don't want me to cum, you should remove all stimulation from my dick. As you might guess, a "9" means I've passed the point of no return and will orgasm no matter what. Removing all stimulation at that point results in a "ruined orgasm." I've never gotten to "10" during a tease and denial game but a few times I have shouted it out as I was cumming after getting my wife's permission, kind of as a joke and to emphasize just how intensely pleasurable the orgasm was.

She responded to my "7," by removing her hand from my dick and then sliding up and over me, straddling my hips. My slightly curved penis stood straight up between up like a rhino horn, except this horn had a definite little bob and weave going on as it danced to the throb of my accelerated heart rate. She looked down at me, eyes locking onto mine as she smiled. It was a weird smile. It was all teeth and no sound.

She bent over at the waist and reached for the wand vibrator which was above and to the left of me. Her breasts dangled over my face, those magnificent nipples swollen and erect. I was aching to take them into my mouth but resisted that almost overwhelming urge. This was her game and I didn't want to do the slightest thing to knock it off course. Vibrator in hand, she straightened back up and smiled that weird, toothy smile again before she clicked it on the lowest speed. Ignoring my dick, she slowly placed the head of the vibrator against her pussy. The reaction was immediate as she gasped, sucked air through clenched teeth and tensed her thighs. She immediately threw her head back as she uttered a guttural

"Oh Goddddd."

For several minutes she rode my thighs, bouncing up and down, enjoying the reawakening occurring in her groin. She smiled as she slid up closer to my dick, then reached out and gripped it firmly at the base before bending it towards her pussy. She pulled the wand away from her clit and substituted the head of my dick. She laughed as she rubbed it up and down her slit, bouncing and sliding around on my thighs. I tensed as the pleasure of her touch immediately jacked me back up to a "7" but this time I remained silent about it.

It was a visual feast for a starving man. She was completely into the sexual moment, rubbing me against her slit as she sighed loudly, muttering "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God." She must have sensed I was getting close because she released me and left my penis quivering in the moist air between us. She laughed as she replaced it with her buzzing wand vibrator. I still didn't know how this was going to end and whatever continuing, rational consciousness I had wrestled with the question of whether I should ask permission to cum. My male sex drive desperately wanted to cum and fast, like at that very and every successive moment. It wanted to hear a definite "yes." The rational side of me reasoned that the answer could be a definite "no," and what was worse, my very act of asking could have tilted it to a "no" when it might have been a "yes" if I let it play out.

It was like a problem in Quantum Mechanics - where a truly undetermined state of an atomic particle becomes determined simply by the act of looking at it. It was Gaming Theory at its most personal level. I reasoned that as long as I didn't ask, there remained at the least the possibility that I would be allowed to cum. Also, I had to admit that there was a part of me that truly relished not knowing. It gave me pleasure to be utterly in the hands of my wife. The decision of when to let me know when and whether I would be cumming belonged to her. It was not mine to take.

Of course, these thoughts flashed through my mind in a few seconds; just enough time for my wife to raise herself up as far as she could on her knees, grasp my joy stick and lower herself on it so just the head entered her warm, wet portal. She clicked the vibrator up to its second speed and shrieked in joy as soon as she touched it to her clit. To keep me from sliding in further, she gripped my shaft hard just behind the head with her thumb and forefinger, making the rest of her hand into a fist and supporting it on my pubic mound. I wasn't going anywhere and, perhaps inadvertently, the act of squeezing me just behind the head had the well known effect of stopping the climb of my arousal. It is a technique used on premature ejaculators to keep them from cumming, extending their staying power. She had never done this before - I had never been a premature ejaculator. I can now attest that it works pretty well on non-premature ejaculator too. Where was she picking up these new techniques?

After a brief time, she pulled me out and left me dangling by myself again as she rocked and rolled her way to ecstasy bouncing wildly on my upper thighs, vibrator pressed tightly to her swollen lips. After a short while, she repeated the move - just the head of my dick in her accompanied by the tight pinch behind my dick head. She added a little hip roll and grind as though she was using the head of my dick to spread something inside of her. I felt those hot, soft walls close in around my head and squeeze it gently. This was now beyond wicked - it was diabolical, devilish, insanely arousing and . . . I loved every moment of it.

Again, she pulled me out and held me away with her thumb and forefinger gripping me in the squeeze technique. My dick head was swollen and purplish beyond anything I've ever experienced before. It was like watching an over-inflated balloon expand - it was just a matter of time, a short time, before it popped. But she wasn't quite done with me yet and there was still the distinct possibility that just as I was about to explode, she would say "No, no orgasm for you tonight." After all, I had often reassured her that it was not only okay but very enjoyable for me to be teased to the brink and then denied. Was this going to be some kind of perverse test of my limits - an "Oh yeah, try this denial on big shot," rejoinder to my many reassurances.

These were fleeting thoughts, more feeling and impression than actual, coherent thoughts when she released her two-finger squeeze and wrapped her entire hand around my shaft. My whole body tensed as though I had touched a high voltage line as a wild fire of tingling pleasure rippled and expanded through my body. I was beyond sensitive as my swollen cock leaked pre-cum in a near constant dribble. She held her hand still, not stroking me as she ground her pussy into the vibrator head resting on my thighs just under my balls. It was maddening beyond belief to be in that state of extreme arousal, have her soft but firm hand wrapped around my cock but not stroking it.

At his point, my male sexual drive had pretty much consumed that rational part of me that usually sits back and enjoys the tease and denial game. My entire body was revved up and geared for the big finish. I was like a world class hundred meter sprinter in mid-race, having shifted into high gear, any attempt to stop would have me careening wildly into a humiliating, body beating pratfall. The finish line was there, it was right there, as I looked down at her motionless hand still gripping my cock. I looked up at her face, at her eyes, trying to get some clue as to what she intended to do, but it was no use. Her eyes were closed, her chin tilted up, her face a mask of sexual ecstasy.

She moaned loudly after she clicked the vibrator us to its third speed, jerking spasmodically as she ground down on the vibrator head. I watched as she bounced up high on her knees, hopped forward a bit and shoved my dick into her wet hole and swallowed it completely in one swift move. It took my breath away. I was so surprised that it took a few moments before the intense wave of pleasure hit me. It felt like a rushing stream of pure, insanely intense pleasure rocketed from my lower spine upward, blasting through the top of my head.

There was no stroke, no bouncing up and down or back and forth. I was buried in her hot, velvet wetness, gripped lightly by her soft walls, but she wasn't moving, at least not much. She was grinding in small, slow circles, the head of the vibrator pressed hard into her clit and resting on my swollen balls. In some small space in my sexually besotted mind, I felt the pain in my balls from that vibrator head but it didn't seem to matter. My brain was awash in dopamine and natural opiates. The pain signals were so dwarfed by the pleasure that it barely rose to my attention.

I was silently screaming "Can I Cum? CAN I CUM?!!

But I dared not ask. What if the answer was "no." It was too horrible to contemplate. But resolving the question became more urgent. I could feel that final, hot expansion starting deep in my groin. I was going to cum in less than a minute and being held deep in the confines of her hot, velvet soft pussy, I no longer had the will to stop it. What else could I do at this point but ask? I was about to pop the question (before everything else popped) when I had a sudden inspiration.

"Eight, EIGHT!" I screamed through clenched teeth, alerting her that I was about to cum.

Flashing through my mind in that instant was the calculation that she could tell to "go ahead and cum," or tell me to "hold off," but it didn't require her to make a final decision about my not cumming at all. Even telling me to "hold off" still held the possibility that I would be allowed to cum eventually.

It didn't occur to me that there was a third possibility. She said nothing at all, responding by almost leaping up from her kneeling position astride me, pulling me out of the sweet, sweet Eden of her pussy and letting me go altogether, to bob and weave in the cold air alone, with no stimulation on my shaft at all.

"No, "NO!" I screamed silently, thwarted at the last moment and no further along in solving the all important question of whether I was going to be allowed to cum.

My wife resumed her slow grind, jerking and twitching, moaning in ecstatic pleasure as she reached a kind of orgasmic plateau where she experienced an unbroken series of small, intensely pleasurable orgasms without yet reaching the big finish. Unlike me, my wife seemed in no particular hurry to reach the big finish. She's told me that when she is in that state, she wants it to last forever. The big, final orgasm ends that deliciously pleasurable plateau so she's in no hurry to get there.

"Great," I thought to myself, remembering the conversation.

The room was almost dark by now, the sun having set. The only light came from the fireplace. My wife was silhouetted against that light and looked almost otherworldly in the purity of her sexual power. At that moment, everything else in our life, in our relationship disappeared. She was, in that moment, a sex Goddess in every sense of the term.

I watched and felt her writhing astride my hips for what seemed several minutes before she opened her eyes and looked down at me. A smile spread across of her face. It was a smile of self-knowledge; she understood, perhaps for the first time, truly understood her power over me. She inched forward, eyes locked onto mine until my ramrod, pulsing dick rested against her open slit. She jerked a bit and moaned when she pressed the head of my dick against her clit and held it there. Eyes still locked onto mine, she rose up on her knees and held my quivering cock at the entrance of her hole and stopped.

She was watching me intently for my reaction. I was motionless but I'm sure the desperation was clearly written on my face. I was pleading with my eyes.

She smiled as she dropped down slowly on my shaft, swallowing it again in her hot, tight, gripping wetness. She leaned forward, her luscious breasts dangling in front of me. She clicked the vibrator up to its final, fourth, speed and continued leaning forward. She slipped the head of the vibrator between us, jamming it against my pubic mound, wedged into the space between the base of my shaft and her clit. She lay down on top of me, her damp breasts pressed into my chest. She held the vibrator in place with one hand as she wrapped her other arm around my neck.

I was immediately back up to an "eight." Before I could say anything, she licked my ear and then whispered:

"Now lover now. Cum in me. Cum in me."

There could be no sweeter words in any language.

"Oh God Thank You Hon, Thank You!" I whispered back in a choked voice.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly to me. I thrust upward, starting slowly then picked up speed as the sparks of pleasure kept flashing and exploding in my groin and moving up my spine. She ground her hips down, jerking when the vibrator hit certain hot spots. She was quivering in excitement. So was I. Were we in our 50's or our teens. The overwhelming excitement felt much more like our teens.

My thrusting was deep, fast and powerful and she moaned in pleasure with every stroke. I moved one hand to the small of her back and pressed down, forcing her clit to stay in contact with the vibrator and holding my dick deep within her.

"Cum with me, cum with me," she screamed as she started to buck and jerk spasmodically, her hot breath coming in rapid pants.

I was there. The wild fire of the most intense pleasure you can possibly imagine suddenly exploded in a gigantic "Whoosh," followed my an explosion of pleasure that dwarfed everything else I had felt up to that point. It felt as though I was being turned inside out with every bit of pleasure possible rushing past my exposed nerve endings and rushing out of my wildly ejaculating dick. The pleasure rushed up my spine and felt as though it was exploding in my head. I was covered in goose bumps and I had that sensation of my hair standing on end.

We thrashed against each other in wild abandon; both of us in sexual frenzy of ecstasy that seemed to echo off each other and intensify. Hers lasted longer than mine. I went completely limp and motionless and still felt her thrashing on me and heard her shrieking in joy as I passed into that other place - the not quite conscious state of post-orgasmic shut-down.

When I came back into the world, I felt her nestled on top of me. She was still in that other place. Her hair felt wet on my jaw as she breathed deeply and slowly, her arm still curled around my neck. The vibrator was off and had fallen out from between us. We were sealed together by our sweat. Every nook and cranny of my body was filled with her. My softening dick was still in her and I could feel the wetness of our combined juices leaking out of her, running down my shrunken ball sack.

Maybe you can chalk it up to the Oxytocin flooding my brain, but at that moment I felt more in love with my wife than at any time in the past. There was a feeling of quiet joy and contentment that had eluded me for most of my life. More importantly, I knew my wife felt the same way about me. It is so hard to believe that somebody can love you in that way - utterly and completely. To have that and sexual fireworks too is more than I could ever have dreamed possible.

There is a line in one of my favorite movies, Broadcast New, in which the dim witted but polished and handsome newscaster Tom says:

"What happens when your real life exceeds your dreams."

What happens indeed. Well, that's what this blog is for. I'll let you know.


  1. Thanks Harry. Enjoy your blog as well. We seem to have a lot in common.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this wildly erotic description of what you were feeling while your wife teased and denied you with enormous skill and deviltry. I am quite familiar with most of the techniques she used to drive you half mad, and joyously employ them on my husband while reaping the rewards that are bestowed upon a Dom by her sub's frustration.

    What makes your account so interesting is that it goes into great detail as to what you were experiencing in body and mind while she worked her magic on you. Since I can't experience that myself, it was great fun to read what you were going through, both internally and externally. I decided to let my husband read this account and see if he felt that your description was similar to what he feels when I put him through tease and denial.

    He gave your account two thumbs up,and was laughing with wry recognition at the section that dealt with your reluctance to risk asking whether you would be allowed to cum for fear that doing so would guarantee not cumming. Yes, he's very familiar with that particular situation.

    He did point out that the biggest difference is that he's usually tied up in some fashion, and often has to pay a price in pain to keep things going. But that's another story.

    Once again, a wonderful posting. Don't stop writing!

  3. Thanks for the kind words Lady Grey. Glad your hubby got a kick out of it. I have the feeling that the "should I or shouldn't I ask" question is pretty common among us deniees (hey, if it's not a word, it should be).


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