Monday, November 15, 2010

A New Chastity Device

Last month I ordered a new chastity device, a Lori device model 12B (item # 122 at the following link is nearly identical to the one I bought:

I have used the CB-6000s for about five months (and the CB-6000 regular for about five months before that). It fits well and is reasonably comfortable and secure. The CB-6000s split once and was promptly replaced by the vendor/maker A.L Enterprises so I have no complaint about that device. There were several reasons for the new purchase. First, there is something about the full encasement of my dick in plastic that is just really off-putting for my wife. She won’t initiate action to touch and tease me while I have it on. Second, because it is enclosed like that, I need to remove it each day to thoroughly clean it and me. I know many wearers don’t remove it - using power washers, q-tips and pads to clean it and themselves while they have it on but I am really fastidious about cleanliness so that’s not me - I never could get it or me clean enough to my satisfaction to keep it on continuously. Finally, I would like to eventually migrate to a metal device for increased security and durability. Something like a Lori model 2C.

The model 12B seemed to be a nice way to introduce my wife to the idea of my wearing a metal device. With only a testis and penis ring, my genitals are far more open to touching and it will be easy to keep it and myself clean without removing it. Although without a piercing, the 12B is not very secure (the CB-6000s is more secure), pull out isn’t a problem for me. I have not felt the need to attempt it in any of the devices I have worn (in addition to the CB-6000 and 6000s, I have also tried the curve and the CB-3000).

After exchanging several e-mails negotiating the terms of the purchase, Lori promptly shipped it out to me once payment was made through Paypal. Lori was very good about responding to the many questions I had in my e-mail, always responding to me the same day. It arrived within three days of shipment. It was well protected in bubble wrap.

The first thing that struck me about it is it’s weight. It is a solid piece of stainless steel and at 5.8 ounces is more than twice the weight of my fully assembled CB-6000s, including the lock. It is also a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. From the smooth, polished edges and curves, it is obvious that a lot of work went into making it. The second thing that struck me is “this ain’t plastic.” It’s a permanent device. No household wire cutting snips will open this up.

After some careful measurement, I concluded that I needed a testis ring of 1 and 3/4 inches and a penis ring of 1 and 1/4 inches. The testis ring was easy - it was the size of my CB-6000s testis ring (ring size #3) and that fit well. I even tried putting the CB testis ring on with the ring already closed and that worked fine. The problem was figuring the right measurement for the penis ring. It had a lot of variables.

First, there was the size of the ring itself. Second, there were two studs (or spikes as they’re called but they are dull and flat like studs) on the bottom of the p-ring which were 3/16 inch high to help prevent pull-out. Third, there was the locking bar that went across the top inside of the p-ring, reducing it’s vertical diameter by some unknown amount. Fourth, and probably the hardest to figure was the circumference (and by calculation, the diameter) of my penis. Lori’s web site says to measure just behind the head when it’s flaccid, but with me there are different degrees of flaccid. There’s the usual walking around flaccid, and then there is the “my penis is trapped in a small place and so it makes itself very small” flaccid. The usual flaccid I could measure and it came to about 4 inches, perhaps a hair less. The “trapped” flaccid I couldn’t measure becasue it occurs inside of the CB tube. I knew the tube was 1 3/8 inch and when I'm ultra flaccid, it seemed to fit easily without pressing against the sides.

I also knew that the only way to put the device on was with a sequence that was likely to arouse and engorge my penis - the testis ring went on first. Since I had “shy” testis who would disappear up inside of me when being pressed into a small opening, I knew I would have to put a noose around them to keep from disappearing on me. I also knew the act of putting the noose on them would immediately arouse me. That and the fact that my penis had to be lubricated and handled to duck under the testis ring and then into the penis ring, I knew that the p-ring had to be large enough to handle a somewhat engorged penis or it wouldn’t go on, especially given the studs.

Basically, I compromised, guessed and went with Lori’s suggestion for measurement and used the 4 inch circumference to order the 1 and 1/4 inch p-ring - 1 and 3/4 inch testis ring, one of which she just happened to have in stock. I was concerned about the 3/16 inch studs so I asked that they be reduced to 1/16 inch in height.

After it arrived, I played with it before putting it on - mainly the locking mechanism and key which looks like a sort of vending machine type lock with a slot and two matching hexagonal keys. It required matching up the key with the slot, pushing in and turning while holding the lock body with the other hand. When done properly, it covers up the slot the locking bar goes in so it can’t be removed. Finally, there is a black, rubber cap that goes over the lock to keep debris and water out of the mechanism. When I was confident that I could work the lock, I put device on.

I used my usual skin moisturizing lotion around my balls and found, as I had suspected, that without using a noose to keep my balls from hiding out, they wouldn’t go in. Using the noose, I pushed them through, one at a time. In using the noose, I had semi-engorged so it was a little difficult to sneak my penis under and through the testis ring but with some water based lube I succeeded. Then I pressed my shaft down against my ball sack, separating the two testes and causing them to bulge forward like two 3-dimensional elephant ears. Then it took some serious compression of my lubricated, semi-engorged penis head to get it through the 1 and 1/4 inch penis ring (without the locking bar inserted). Finally, with my penis head through and the ring pressed against my shaft just behind the head or glans, I carefully inserted the locking bar, using a finger to press down hard against the skin of the top of my shaft and guiding the bar to the hole in the p-ring on the other side. With the locking bar in place, I screwed in the lock; then inserted the key by aligning key pin with the slot, pushed in and turned it while holding the body in place, until the marker on the lock lined up on top and the lock was tight.

I wore the device the first time for about six hours and I noticed a problem almost right away. Once my dick had shrunk it had gone past its normal flaccid size and went straight to the “I’m trapped” ultra-mini flaccid size. This resulted in my dick sliding around a lot inside the ring, even pulling out on its own when I sat or stood up. It was clear the p-ring was too big for me. I e-mailed Lori and explained the problem. She said she could reduce the p-ring diameter 1/8 inch and I would pay only for the shipping. She said it would take two weeks. I agreed and shipped it back, paying for shipping both ways.

A week after Lori received it, the modification was done and she e-mailed that she had shipped it back to me. I received it in a few days and tried it on. The fit was definitely better. There was no pull out on its own. I noticed she had restored the stud lengths to 3/16 on her own and I think that helped along with the smaller size ring. There was still some movement but I knew I couldn’t get it any smaller without making it either impossible for me to put on or impossibly uncomfortable whenever I erected (even involuntarily, like while I was sleeping). One thing that helped to make it more secure was using a few small rectangles of 1/16 inch thickness, double sided tape around the inside of the p-ring. All shaft movement was stopped with this, even while sitting or standing. But this is necessarily a temporary measure.

I have ordered one foot square, textured, rubber sheets with adhesive backing - the type used to improve the grip on tools and weapons. I will try using thin strips on the inner surface of the p-ring to see if it also will stop all movement and also stand up to things like showers (the 2-sided tape won’t) and normal wear. It seems that using a material that is tacky and textured will provide a much better grip on the shaft with the same amount of pressure than the smooth inside of the p-ring, much like the tread of a tired grips the road. I’ll update this review after I’ve tried it.

In summary, Lori is very reliable and accurate in her transactions. I will definitely do business with her again and would feel comfortable recommending her to others. The model 12B, without a piercing and Lori’s piercing-chastity jewelry, is not a secure chastity device for those tempted to pull out. To be fair, Lori makes it clear on her web site that without the piercing for security, this is a “tuck” device not a chastity device. For what it does, it does it very well. I am happy I ordered it and look forward to using it in playtime with my wife and at other times for a change of pace. Once my wife gets used to the metal device and starts to appreciate its elegant design and purpose, I will look into getting a more secure, non-pierced, chastity device like the Lori model 2C.

Oh, finally, my wife and I will be doing a “drawing” tonight, which usually means some heavy teasing for me. I’m curious to see how the model 12B feels when I am (or am trying to be) fully engorged. I will update this review when I find out.


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